Master’s cycle

Master on Managerial engineering of info-cultural organizations and patrimony valorization

The aim of this program is to train managers of info-cultural organizations with expertise in:

  • Budgeting, accounting and human resources management in info-cultural organizations
  • Cultural project engineering
  • Implementation of cultural policies
  • Cultural diplomacy and soft power
  • Heritage enhancement
  • Marketing of cultural services
  • Legal, sociological and economic approaches to culture

Admission requirements

Access to the Master’s program is open to holders of :

  • an “Informatiste” diploma from ESI, or any other diploma recognized as equivalent, with an overall average of 12/20 or higher.
  • a bachelor’s degree or equivalent with four honors (honors = 12/20) obtained after three years of continuous study in the same field.

Career opportunities

  • Director of a library or archive center
  • Director of historical monuments
  • Museum director
  • Cultural center director
  • Heritage coordinator
  • Gallery owner
  • Cultural attaché
  • Exhibition curator
  • Festival director
  • Cultural project manager
  • Public relations officer
  • Cultural engineering consultant
  • Cultural administrator
  • Sponsorship and partnership manager

Training program

Two years of study (initial education in 4 semesters, 24 modules, 6 of which are reserved for the final dissertation – MFE).

  • Introduction aux sciences de l’information
  • Introduction à l’art et à la culture au Maroc et en Afrique
  • Sociologie de l’art et de la culture
  • Fondements du management
  • Humanités numériques et culture digitale
  • Communication 1
  • Industries culturelles et créatives et économie de la culture
  • Ethique et droit de l’information et de la culture
  • Communication 2
  • Développement des collections et des services culturels
  • Management et marketing des organismes infoculturels
  • Valorisation des patrimoines
  • Intelligence culturelle
  • Ingénierie et management des projets culturels
  • Politiques et diplomatie culturelles
  • Méthodologie de recherche
  • Systèmes d’information de gestion
  • Cadre normatif de la culture
  • Stage et Mémoire de fin d’études (MFE)